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the Clinic

Changing lives
for over 35 years

The Clinique auditive Bougie, has been trusted and recognized by hearing professionals to be the go-to Hearing aid clinic in the greater Laval area. United by the common goal to offer each client a professional and personalized first class service, our clinic members are a close-knit team that stand out in the Hearing Aids Acoustics professional field. Mindful about constantly improving their knowledge and keeping up to date with the newest technologies, our Hearing Aid Acousticians receive a lot of training both in the hearing aid and patient care fields.

Our Hearing Aid Acousticians are all accredited and active members of l’Ordre des audioprothétistes du Québec.


Judith Bougie,
founder and owner

A lifelong achiever
Judith progressed in the sport of figure skating for several years, first as an athlete and then as a coach. It was this passion that taught her the importance of excellence, of teamwork and gave her the confidence that we know her for today. It was in 1985 that Judith took the plunge, after having completed her training in hearing aid technology, to open her own hearing aid clinic. With the desire to offer attentive customer service and respect the highest quality standards, Judith has always put her customers at the heart of her decisions. Today, with an accomplished team to better support her clients in their hearing health, Judith continues to grow the Clinic by always prioritizing the well-being of clients.

The Clinic DNA

We believe everyone who is affected by hearing loss deserves to rediscover the joy of hearing. We offer all of our patients caring guidance in finding the best suited, most comfortable and technologically advanced hearing aids. We offer genuine support to our patients and their loved ones throughout their hearing rehabilitation.

We are constantly updating our professional skills and knowledge to offer the latest products and technologies. Regular training sessions are part of every member of our team’s schedule.

Our team of experienced professionals offer hearing aids to match individual needs. We offer skilled guidance in a comfortable and welcoming environment. We take the time to really listen to our patients and offer the support and reassurance they need.

Respecting each other and our patients is a central value at the clinic. We welcome our patients and recognize them as individuals with their own backgrounds and unique needs. We are committed to respect, integrity and honesty.

Hearing health
is important
at any age

When we talk about hearing health we think of aging people, but hearing well is important at any age. The Clinique Auditive Bougie Bougie is available to support every family member when it comes to their hearing.


Looking back, moving forward